Han Solo Blaster - Quick (2 Hours)

Introduction: Han Solo Blaster - Quick (2 Hours)

I needed a blaster for Halloween and decided to knock one out with whatever I had laying around in the garage in the shortest time possible.

Step 1: Draw Your Blaster and Cut It Out.

Note that I was not really going for authenticity, just something that was a reasonable resemblance.

Step 2: Barrel and Scope

I had some wood and pipe laying around. After cutting to length, I used some masking tape and metallic duct tape to fashion out the flared sections.

Step 3: Body

I used a board of wood I had laying around, and glued 4 of them together to get the required width, and then drew on the blaster design. At this point I modified the design a little to ensure I could glue back on the barrel properly, and other minor changes to straighten things up.

Step 4: Body Continued.

I cut out the body using a jig saw, then I chiseled out a section for where I glued the barrel back in later.

Step 5: Scope Mount

For the scope mount I cut up a piece of 2x4, drilled a hole through, and then cut the block in half. Then I glued the scope to the mount. It's not very pretty, but the main idea was the have the scope offset from the rest of the gun.

Step 6: Final Glue Up.

Using the left over board from the body, I fashioned a small oval shape to give the butt some more width. Also, I cut in slits on the body to simulate the heat fins.

Step 7: Paint and Decorate.

After the glue has dried, simple paint and finish up how ever you would like.

I used electrical tape, a black sharpie, and some weed block cloth I had laying around to finish up. Also, glued on a few washers too.The white glue will dry clear, and ideally I would have used brown cloth for the handle. Not a great looking gun, but serviceable for night time Halloween-ery

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    8 years ago

    Smart idea! I really like this project. Thanks for shearig :)