Hand Knitted Scarf!

Introduction: Hand Knitted Scarf!

I will show you how to make this cute scarf! Please vote for it. ;-)

Step 1: You Will Need!

Yarn, scissors, and your hands!

Step 2: Ready, Set, Go Go Go!

First put the yarn around your thumb. Next weave it through your fingers as shown. when there is two loops on every finger, take the bottom pinky loop and pull it over the top loop. Leave it on the back of your hand repeat will all fingers. Weave again so there is two loops on every finger and repeat the looping! continue till the scarf on the back of your hand is the desired length.

Step 3: Removing!

When ready to remove it, make sure that only one loop is on each finger. Take the pinky loop and place it on the ring finger. The pinky is free and ring finger now has two loops. take the bottom ring finger loop and pull it over the finger and to the back of your hand. Ring finger has one loop do the same as you did with the pinky. When you reach the last finger, pull it off, cut the yarn so it is no longer attached to the ball of yarn. Tie knots on both sides and have fun!

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