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Introduction: Hand-Painted Rose Cupcakes

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These beautiful cupcakes are truly a work of art. With a few simple strokes of edible paint you can have gorgeous pastel roses on your cakes and cupcakes. Click above to watch the YouTube tutorial!


Petal Dusts: Pink, Green and Red

White Fondant

Cupcakes (cooled)




Paint Brush

Circle cookie cutter (same size as cupcake)

Step 1: Prepped and Cut

Prepare a small amount of petal dust on your palate or plate (whatever you have). You'll only need a little.

Kitchen Hack: I use my re-usable egg carton. It holds edible paints well.

Also prepare a small cup of vodka on the side (for the paints) and a small cup of water to clean your paint brush.

Roll out some white fondant and with a circle cookie cutter, cut out as many circles (same amount as cupcakes) as you'll need and let harden for 30 minutes.

Step 2: Paint

Lightly dip the brush into the vodka and into the red dust to form a thick paste. With soft strokes, begin to form a rose by painting large open C's or captions () and painting in the flow of a circle. Make as many or as few roses as you'd like.

Step 3: Pinky

Clean your brush, dip into the vodka again and into the pink petal dust. Lightly paint in between the red rose petals from the prior step. Don't fully fill in the white space, just apply soft strokes to accentuate and define the red petals.

Step 4: Leaves

Again, clean the brush with water, dip into the vodka then the green petal dust. Paint small leaves, about two or three per rose. For more intricate designs, play around with the amounts of vodka used to either lighten or darken the shades of paint.

Step 5: A Couture Finish

Allow the paint to dry for 10 minutes. While waiting, use a large tube tip to pipe a simple circle of frosting onto your cupcakes. Then, light place the fondant toppers onto the cupcakes.

You literally watch a simple cupcake turn into a fun and beautiful work of art.

Couture in a Cupcake!

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    6 years ago

    What a cool idea to paint designs on a cupcake!


    6 years ago

    it's beautiful!

    These are so cute! Could you use water to mix with the petal dust or do you need to use vodka?

    Marishas Couture
    Marishas Couture

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! You definitely can use water. It will just get a little gummy or sticky instead of drying instantly like the vodka does. So it just needs more drying time and that's all :)