Introduction: Hand Router Plaque

About: I love working with wood. I make bandsaw boxes and just lately ive got a lathe and now enjoy woodturning.

Today i am going to show you how i made this plaque for a decoration for my living room. This is a saying from my favourite lord of the rings film.

I made this using a range of tools the main one being a hand router.

I have a video of this project this might help you out a bit more.

You will need

Hand router i used a Dewalt

Profile bit

60 degree v bit

Wood of thickness 1 inch for main carve

wood of 3/4 for base

Picture of your chosen design google is a good place to get free to use images

palm sander plus 80 grit and 120 grit

sand paper and bench sander

Spray acrylic paint black

10mm dowel

10mm drill bit plus drill

spray on adhesive or pritt stick to stick image to wood


clear lacquer

Remember to be safe at all times and always were a mask

Step 1:

1 Step one glue the image onto the wood.

2 Put profile bit into the router

3 Outline main image around the hat.

4 My image was faint so i used a sharpie to outline the letters before using the router to outline letters.

Step 2:

1 Brush the project to clear ant sawdust out of the grooves before starting the next step.

2 Using the 60 degree v bit carve out the area between the edge of the hat and the letters. (making sure that you cover the whole area to avoid high spots.

3 outline the hat about 1/2 an inch and then cut out on a bandsaw.

Step 3:

1 Sand the front and back to remove the paper and sand smooth.

2 using the spray paint, paint front and sides (do not worry if you get some paint on the back this can be sanded off)

3 Once all dry, put 80 grit paper on palm sander sand front and back then put on 120 grit and sand front and back.

4 Spay on a couple of clear coat lacquer.

5 lastly using 10mm drill drill whole in bottom for dowel.

Step 4:

1 Now time to do the base.

2 I did a freehand shape outline with pencil

3 Cut the base to required shape.

4 Sand till smooth

5 Mark where you require the main carving to attach to the base and drill with 10mm drill bit

6 Using black paint spray around the outline.

7 Sand with palm sander 80 and 120 grit as you did on main carving.

Step 5:

Now all you need to do is glue the main carving to the base and you are all done.

I hope you enjoyed this Instructables. Now the only thing to do is put in out on display in your home.

Thank you Pam