Introduction: Hand Sanitizer Mini Bottle

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a small portable hand sanitizer bottle with a pump. This craft is made almost completely out of recycled materials.

Step 1:

First and most importantly you need to find a pump. I got mine from a soap bottle but they can come from anything. I took the tube off the bottom of my pump and cut it slightly shorter to fit my pots height.

Step 2:

Next you need to take your pot and cut a hole in the top of it so that the pump can fit through. You can get pots from anywere but I have one from a kinder surprise egg. It dosent matter if the hole is rough because the pump will probably cover it.

Step 3:

Now paint your pot. If it is already your desired colour then dont worry

Step 4:

Next, glue the pot to the pump. I would advise you use quite a strong glue to prevent the parts detaching.

Step 5:

Add a label, fill it with hand sanitizer and you are done! Thank you for reading this instructable!