Introduction: Hand Sewn Teddy Bear

This small Teddy Bear makes a good gift or decoration, and it is also a fun, yet challenging sewing project.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

The things you will need for this project are:

Cloth (fuzzy and soft if possible)

Cotton stuffing

Beads (optional)

Black plastic


Hot glue

Template (Teddy bear template)



Good scissors

Hot glue gun

Nail file (optional)

Marker or pen


Step 2: Print Out and Prepare Your Template

First you will need to print out your template from here. Then cut out all the pieces of the template, and trace them onto your piece of cloth.

Step 3: The Legs

Cut out the front piece and the legs. Then sew the legs on to the front piece with the Right Sides Together (RST, aka inside out). This part is somewhat confusing because the legs will appear to be on the front of the bear, but do not worry because it will go to the back when you inside it out. Pretty much the whole bear will be sewed while it is inside out , so get used to the idea. After you sew the legs together, sew the two holes on the front shut RST.

Step 4: Sewing the Back Together

After you have cut out the back pieces you should sew the small notches shut. Then put the pieces together and sew the long curved sides together but be sure to leave a hole in the middle big enough to put the stuffing in.

Step 5: Sewing the Back On

Putting the back on can be very difficult so be sure you have it right before you start sewing. First lay the back piece RST over the front piece so that the dips on the top line up, this is where the arms go so be sure not to sew it shut. you should start sewing where the bear's arm pit would be then sew all the way around to the other side connecting the leg bottoms to the back piece.

Step 6: The Arms

Sewing the arms together is fairly simple. You should start by sewing shut the notches on the arm top. Then sew the arm top to the arm bottom RST. Then inside it out to sew it onto the body. Sewing the arms on is in my opinion the hardest part of making the bear. First you need to inside out the body. Then connect the bottom of the arm to the arm pit, because that will make it easier to keep the arm centered. Then starting at the shoulder sew the arm on RST all the way around. Study carefully before you sew, arms can be very confusing.

Step 7: The Head

The easiest way to do the head is to start with the head front and sides. Be sure you are sewing the right sides together before you start. After you get the parts the right way sew them to the head front. Then you lift the side pieces over the front piece and sew them together at the front. This will be the bear's chin. After you finish that sew the ears together and inside them out. Sew the head back shut then sew it RST to the back of the face part. When you have sewed part of it put the ears in. It is best to put them where the joint between the face front and face side. Make sure they are facing inward they will be out when you inside out the head.

Step 8: Putting the Head On

Once the head is finished inside out the body so that you can sew it on. You need to make sure the head will fit the body good then you can start anywhere and sew it all the way around. When you sew it make sure it is on straight. When you are done inside out your bear to stuff it.

Step 9: Stuffing and Closing

You begin stuffing your bear with the head. You should stuff the head with cotton until it is hard then put a little bit of cotton in the shoulders too, this helps the bear sit up. Then get some nice small beads to fill the rest of your bear. When it is full shake it around to get the beads in the arms and legs, Add more if you need to then sew your bear shut.

Step 10: Last of All, Making the Face

The first thing you need is eyes and a nose. These you can make easily with a black tray, or get something else. Once you cut out the shapes use a file to make one side rough, this will help the glue stick. Then glue the eyes and nose on and let it dry. When it is dry put a long piece of thread on a needle and tie it to the bottom of the chin. Make sure it is tied good then push the needle through the head just below the eye, then back down, then up below the other eye, then back down. Then pull the string until the face scrunches into a cute Teddy Bear face, then tie it and cut the thread. Then your Teddy Bear is finished. Thanks for reading!

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