Introduction: Hand Tooled Leather Bracelet

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Documents how I went about creating my latest leatherworked accessory. Gives basic pointers but not much depth.

Have my mallet showcasing it in a few pictures. Too difficult to get pictures of your own wrist!

Step 1: Documenting Progress

1. Tracing my inspiration onto the leather.

2. Cut out

3. Begin tooling. I taught myself via practice and Tandy Leather free tutorials.

4/5. Completed leaf tooling.

6. Tooling the base around the leaf.

7. Beginning to dye the leather.

8. Adding detail with acrylic paint.

9. Checking how it works together and starting to finish edges.

Sealed the leather, added lacing, beads, and created end caps from wire. Also dyed the leaf.

10. Permanently attached leaf with E6000.

Step 2: Hints

To attach the cord I ran each end through holes I punched and then both ends through pony beads (pic from another project).

I chose not to do much finishing to the back, besides sanding the leather. You could attach fabric or line it with leather and sew the pieces together.

Be sure to properly case your leather when tooling. And give everything ample drying time. Leatherwork isn't for the impatient! (unless you wanna make masks)

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