Hand Warmer

Introduction: Hand Warmer

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This project concerns to a hand warmer based on frictional heat. It is a tube made of recyclable plastic, wood or glass. Soft foam is currently the best material to generate frictional without abrasion. After sixty seconds of rubbing the surface the hand warmer is heated up enough. The rubbing needs the muscles of your arms and shoulders.

High temperature pipes (for hot water) or drinking water pipes are suitable for make hand warmers of them. Drinking water pipes are made of PE100 (polyethylene high density). Blue stripes or blue color is the code for water. A pipe with diameter ~1,6 inch (40mm/DN40) is suitable. A soft polishing foam is good for generating frictional heat.

Step 1: Preparing the Tube for the Hand Warmer

You can buy the tube in a home improvement store. Take a saw to shorten the tube to the length of your hand. Take a sandpaper to grind the ends of the shortened tube flat. That was all for the first step.

Step 2: Preparing the Holes for Thumb and Two Middle Fingers

Take a drill chuck and a wood driller. The drill chuck is to hold the driller. The diameter of the driller is a third of an inch. You make one hole at the end of the tube. This hole is for your thumb. Then you make two holes at the opposite side of the tube somewhere in the middel part of the tube. These holes are for your two middle fingers. Take a milling cutter to expand the holes to a diameter of half on an inch. Take a piece of sandpaper to deburr the holes. This is all for the second step and all for the hand warmer itself.

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