Introduction: Handcraft 925 Sterling Silver Tube Bending Unisex Braided Bracelets

Step 1: Prepare Two Cords, If Circumference of Your Wrist Is Approx 16cm, the Cords Should Be 2 Meters.

Step 2: Step 2: Bring the Two Cords Together and Fold Them in Half. Then Start Braiding Snake Knots From the Center-left. 2.2mm Snake Knots Is Enough

Step 3: Tie the Four Cords Together With a Secure Knot.

Step 4: Thread One More 1m Cord to the Middle of Four Cords and Start to Braiding Corn Knots.

Step 5: Stop Braiding When It Reach Your Desired Length. Thread the Hollow Out Sterling Silver Bend On.

Step 6: Tie an Overhand Knot at the End. Trim the 4 of Cords and Burn Threads. Threading Sterling Silver Beads to the Rest of Cords, and Then Tie an Over Hand Knot.

Step 7: Trim the Needless Cords, Burn the Excess Threads.Done It!

Step 8: