Handling a New Dog on Its First Night




Introduction: Handling a New Dog on Its First Night

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Your dog probably won't like you at first
He probably won't know you
Here are some helpful pieces of advice

Step 1: Welcome

If you bought home a new dog like this
Dont be mean
Tell it to come into your house
Never pick up a new dog
It will probably bite you
Grab some dog food and tell it to come
Evidently the dog will come
If he doesn't just wait all day calling its name

Step 2: Rules

All dogs need rules
When to start making them is when he is doing them
Say no firmly
Letting him know you are the boss

Step 3: Every Bodies Different

All dogs are different
Some obey some don't
Some bite some don't
Teach your dog to do good things
Remember some dogs are slow Learners
Take it easy on them
Step by step

Step 4: Your Dog Is Like a Child

Dogs are like children
When they don't get what they want they growl of whine
When they start whining just look away
When they stop award them

Step 5: Choosing Food

Dogs may be greedy sometimes when it comes to treats and food
You can't take a dog to the store
So, buy them food and if they don't like it make them eat it
Or if you have spare time to buy them food, you can do that

Step 6: Toys

If you dog is a working dog, no need to buy it toys
But if it is a toy dog, you have to keep it busy
Some dogs chew shoes
So, instead of buying toys just give it a shoe

Step 7: No Bed

Your dog probably loves your bed
If you let him sleep on it that's fine
But if it's a problem
Give it a bed
Yes, your dog will never use it
Close your door at night so the dog doesn't come in

Step 8: Have Fun

Your dog knows the rules and is officially part of the family
Congratulations on your dogs accomplishes
Remember to award

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    7 years ago

    you covered the few problems,
    I have 3
    yorkie he thinks he runs the house
    a rottie that would love to be lap dog
    a a girl that is a mix breed she really runs the house if she barks every human takes notice the others just bark at everthing lol


    7 years ago

    My dog is a working dog and they don't need toys.


    7 years ago

    By giving the dog a shoe he will only chew that shoe!


    7 years ago

    Sorry for this!


    7 years ago

    I have a few disagreements to this article:

    By giving a dog a shoe, you are letting it know that you are ok with it chewing on your shoes.

    Yes, a dog will sleep in its own bed if it's provided, given the option or you do not want it sleeping on the master bed.

    Food is very tricky. you may have to try a variety before finding one that you and your pet can live with. Many dogs have different nutritional needs.

    Working dogs like toys, too. Several service dogs or police dogs have a toy as a reward.

    Some of these listed negative behaviors can be modified by positive reinforcements, such as the biting, food hording, and other aggressions.