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Being a vervid card maker and with Valentines Day creeping up close, I decided that my next Instructable entry would consist of just that. Who doesn't love the sentimental gesture of hand made gifts? I know I'm a sucker for them myself! Below I will show you how easy it is to design and create your own Valentines Day card so you can cheese your way to anyones heart.

OR.. you can stick to Hallmark cards, whatever! :P

Step 1: Gathering Supplies;

Things you will need:

1. White Card & Envelope (I decided on a gold envelope)
2. 1 Sheet Gold embossed paper
3. Craft Glue
4. Ribbon (I've decided to use 2 different kinds) 3 x 10cm
5. Scissors
6. Pattern border scissors (Pattern depends on your style)
7. Paper Cutter
8. 2 Red Buttons
9. 4 Red Fabric Crafting Hearts
10. Ruler
11. Pen/Pencil
12. 2 x A4 White and gold cardboard
13. Any addition accessories e.g; letter pendant, beads etc.

(A lot of these things I had laying around in my craft supply, so if you have scrap papers and crafting goods laying about, have fun with it)

Step 2: Cut:

Measure the piece of white cardboard against the already constructed card. You want to make sure that the card board is cut 1cm smaller than the card, this will create a framed effect.

Step 3: Glue;

Now we are going to glue the embossed paper to the piece of card board that was cut down to size in Step 2. You want to make sure that you leave a 3cm frame around the embossed paper, making it easier to fold over and glue down.

The reason I like wrapping the embossed paper around the cardboard is to give it a raised pop up effect.

Once you have done that, you can glue the covered piece down onto the card.

Step 4: Frames:

Using both gold and white cardboard, cut 3 squares of each color, measuring them at 5cm x 5cm each.

When you have your set of squares, cut around the edges using your patterned scissors.

When you have worked out your perferred design, glue them down onto the embossed paper.

This is giving the card its 3rd layer.

Step 5: Hearts:

In my design I have only glued hearts to the white carboards and used tiny handmade ribbons to glue in the centre of the gold ones.

I glued small red buttons in the centre of my ribbons, not only for design purposes but to also hide my ribbon knots!

I've made 2 white ribbons with hearts on them in the top and bottom gold squares and a single red ribbon in the middle. I tied a gold letter pendant to the ribbon for an added personal touch.

Step 6: Inside:

Just like in step 2, you want to cut your gold and white cardboard smaller then the size of the card. I cut both of mine with a 3cm gap from the framing.

Once cut to size, I went ahead and cut the edges with my patterned scissors. No reason why the inside shouldn't look as good as the outer.

I glued down the gold piece in the top left corner and the white on an angle.

To match the exterior of the card I added a single heart on the bottom corne.

Step 7: Ta-daa:

Your beautiful handmade card is now ready to be made even more special with your personalised message.

Step 8: Done!

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    aram ft

    5 years ago

    tnks for sharing


    5 years ago

    This is so creative and beautiful! I love the texture of your paper!