Hands Free Google Cardboard

Introduction: Hands Free Google Cardboard

Who wants their hands to be busy when they don't need to be?

Step 1: First Put the Google Cardboard Together

First there was lots of figuring out how to put things together. Even with all the helpful directions, we were still often at a loss.

Step 2: When All Seems Lost, Turn to the Internet

We used the internet for a little guidance and eventually some music.

Step 3: Add a Little Felt

Adding some felt to the nose piece makes everything MUCH more comfortable.

Step 4: Just Use a Little Strong Tape and Some Hefty String

Make sure to use some strong stuff, because we soon learned that a Google Cardboard becomes much heavier with a phone in it.

Step 5: Add a Cute Hat and ...

Voila! It looks like its there by magic!

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