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Introduction: Handy Halloween Treat/Decoration

So I saw this years ago at a party I was attending, and loved the idea. It makes a great bagged treat, a neat decoration if placed around the house during a Halloween party, and a well contained travel treat for kids (slipped easily into the glove compartment). It's a very simple thing and only requires minimal ingredients, but may be adapted and altered for different affects.

Step 1: Materials

For these ones I only needed popcorn, candy corn, non-elastic gloves, twizzlers, gummy eyeballs, and twist ties.

Step 2: Finger Nails

I took a glove and slipped a candy corn into each finger and thumb. Don't worry about orientation yet. You will be able to turn the candy corn and into position after filling in the popcorn.

Step 3: The Flesh

Fill the glove with popcorn. Make sure to push it into each finger and thumb so that it fleshes out the hand. Seal the glove with a twist tie at the end.

Step 4: Placement, Position, and Purpose

I used these treats when taking my nephew for a drive. It was a longish drive so I thought a fun treat would help the time pass. I closed the hand in the glove box.

However, this treat would be good placed around a house for a holiday party for decoration, or plated on a table for a treat.

Step 5: Variations

This is adaptable for different affects. Instead of candy corn I used gummy eyeballs in the ends of one glove. In another I put twizzlers as veins.


If you like this idea, I've entered into a the Halloween contest. Thanks.

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