Handy Snack and Drink Platter

Introduction: Handy Snack and Drink Platter

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This handy snack platter is designed to hold a wine glass and is perfect for braai time or for entertaining, or even for special events. We made ours from a piece of scrap laminated pine, but you can choose any type of wood to make your own snack platter.


Piece of pine or other timber cut to 220mm x 360mm

Woodoc gel stain - we used cherrywood

Circular template

Disposable gloves

Rag or sponge

Butcher block conditioner or food-safe oil


Jigsaw and clean-cut blade



Dremel multitool and sanding ring or,

120- and 240-grit sandpaper

Tape measure and pencil

Step 1: Making the Platter

1. Use a template to draw for the cut out that will hold a wine glass.

2. Use this same shape for the handle to hold the platter.

3. Use a jigsaw to cut out the shapes. Don't worry if the cutting is rough, you can sand this smooth.

4. While you can use sandpaper to smooth all the cut edges, a Dremel rotary multitool and sanding ring makes the task far easier and much faster.

5. Stain the board with Woodoc gel stain, or leave natural if you prefer.

6. Finish off with Butcher Block Conditioner or a non-degradable and food safe oil. Grape seed or mineral oil are also suitable. Bear in mind that any finishing needs to be applied regularly to maintain a waterproof finish.

Now you have a snack platter - time to grab some more wood and make more!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I disagree. The one I made is easy to hold and the distribution of weight didn't make holding it difficult. Of course, if you pile it high with snacks that will make a difference. Don't make a small handle, the one shown here is big enough.


    7 years ago

    Have tried one of these, big problem is all the weight is at the opposite side to the handle making holding it difficult.
    Solution, remove the handle and replace it with an elongated hole similar to one in an artists pallete for the thumb. Then move the wine glass slot to the side of the thumb slot. Now when you hold it, your fingers under the board take the weight and the whole item is more evenly balanced.