Introduction: Hanging Offset Knife Holder

This is a prototype of a hanging knife holder i built. It is made from scraps and hangs above my sink, attached by wires to my Over sink Pot/Utilities Hanging Shelf.

The first design i made had the knives pointing straight down but i found that reaching for anything under the row of sharp knives very unnerving.

Benefits of this design are

* Allows to dry faster which minimizes fungal and bacteria growth and rust on some knives.

* Easy access

* Frees up counter space

* Nicely Displays your collection

I do not have step-by steps as i used scraps (wood offcuts and wooden blinds) i had around but the images should give you a good idea of what Ive done. Basically by changing the spot where the wires attach, the holder is using the offset center of gravity to position the knives pointing down and away from you.

I have enjoyed using it the past year and i plan on doing a multi-row version with strong wood as the wooden blind pieces seem to be bowing in the middle.

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