Introduction: Hanging Organizer From Plastic Shopping Bags


Today, I was sitting idle and watching my kid playing with construction paper making pockets and storing toys in it and like that... and this idea struck me. So I decided to try it. The result was really useful hanging organizer, which can be used to store anything from stationary, card games, or spoon organizer in kitchen, or even toiletries...

I am planning to make a large one to try on as kids book organizer and a shower caddy. I will share those pictures when I finish it.

As of now for my initial execution of hanging organizer things needed are strong plastic shopping bag, like that shown in picture, a scissor and packing tape.

Step 1:

Take the plastic bag which is thick(not thin grocery bag), something from clothes shopping bag.

Decide on the width of the organizer and cut the sides of the bag, so that the handle is still in the middle after cutting the sides.

Step 2:

Now the bag will become a long plastic sheet.

Start folding the sheet in zig-zag, adjusting the depth of the fold. This depth is going to be the pocket for organizer, so adjust it accordingly to what you wish to store. You can fold all the same depth, or one shallow and one more deep than others. See the picture for reference

Step 3:

Now stick the folds together using the packing tape along the sides folding half the width of the tape backwards. You can also tape in the middle of the folds for smaller pockets.

TADA!! the hanging organizer is ready to be used.

Step 4:

Wait! When I tried to hang on my things, the organizer become soggy on the top. So I decided to add a wooden dowel to the top, to make that part strong.

So I took a wooden dowel, placed on the back of the hanging part and folded the bag around it and taped it together.

When I tried this updated one, it coped with weights really well.

Step 5: Some More Improving Tips...

1. You can use a double sided tape to stick the inside of the pockets. This will prevent the object slipping down inside the pockets.

2. This organizer can be taped and attached to a cardboard back for a more sturdy organizer.

3. The hanging hole and the dowel as a hole can be replaced with an old plastic hanger, which also makes the organizer into really sturdy and long lasting one.

I planning to incorporate these tips when I'm making the book organizer for kids desk and the shower caddy. I will update these post with the pictures of them soon..

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