Hanging Tins on the Wall, No Damage.




Introduction: Hanging Tins on the Wall, No Damage.

A way to hang those collector tins or tin trays to the wall without damaging the item.

Step 1: The Bits

  1. Dead Harddrive or another super magnet source
  2. Tin for hanging.
  3. Hot Glue.

Step 2: Remove Magnet From Hard Drive

Plenty of links out there already.

Pulling apart a desktop hard drive to get rare earth magnet.

The magnets are also available from many sources. Just need one thick and strong enough to hold the tin up.

Step 3: The Trick

Simply hot glue the Magnet to the wall. If it is in the wrong place or moving house, simply reheat, remove and clean up the wall. The magnet needs to be thick enough to hold solidly to the tin because of the base lip.

Step 4: Hanging

Once done, the tin angle can be changed and the tin can be changed.

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    4 years ago

    cool, i have a bunch of those at home! can't wait to try something like it!!


    Reply 4 years ago

    mrwonton, shown you mine, you show me your's :) Most of my tins I use shelving but some just need placing in the right collection. I have a heap on mini super magnets that I am going to try on number plates and tin signs.