Hannah and Makayla's Marble Cannon

Introduction: Hannah and Makayla's Marble Cannon

Goal: to create a marble cannon that adjusts angles and successfully launches up to 5m.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

We used a dowel rod, 2 extension springs, 3 pieces of wood, a plastic pipe, split ring hangers, screws, and duct tape for decoration :)

Step 2: Assembling the Base

First, we just attached 2 pieces of wood (standing vertically) to a bigger piece of wood (laying flat). We then cut our dowel rod in half and spaced out the 2 pieces of wood so that one piece of the dowel rod could fit between. This is what your pipe will lay on to remain stable and in place. We decorated our wood with duct tape of various colors, as well :)

Step 3: Assembling the Important Part

We started by taking the leftover dowel rod and attaching 1 of the split ring hangers to it. Before putting the screws in the split ring, we attached the springs. Then, we attached another split ring to our pipe and put the other end of the springs on that. The dowel rod then goes inside of the pipe so when you pull back and release, the marble inside of your pipe will shoot.

Step 4: Connecting the Important Stuff to the Base

We put the pipe on our dowel rod attached to the wood pieces. To secure it in place, we put screws through the pipe's split ring into the dowel rod. We then marked lines on the inside dowel rod so we knew how far to pull back. To adjust angle, we marked lines on the wood pieces that will align with the dowel rod (not the one inside the pipe).

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