Happy Dog- Toy Eating Sofa Tamer-NST Accessible*




Introduction: Happy Dog- Toy Eating Sofa Tamer-NST Accessible*

As far as my puppy is concerned the sofa is an evil toy eating monster that must be barked at until a long arm human gets down on their hands and knees to slay the beast and retrieve the toys.

NST accessible* -  *Acronyms, text abbreviations, netspeak- I love them and I hate them.  If you and the person you are communicating with know the meaning- they are great time savers. However, being limited to 26 letters means that different people may use the letters differently.  I first heard NST from my doctor-  a Non- stress Test.  I loved the idea of a  non -stress testing and problem solving.  So I use NST with my students and learning to adult daughter. N= no tools/not a lot of time, S=some tools/some time and T=tools/time Everyone can solve problems if the solutions are NST accessible!


½ PVC pipe, side outlet elbow connectors- DO NOT BUY connectors that have screw threads

wood or fabric

Velcro or zip ties

Paint (optional)


NST ( none/ a drill/ a table saw)

Step 1: Measure the Beast

Measure length and width and distance from the floor to bottom  of the furniture that eats the toys

N- learn the measurement of your hand or foot, use to measure 

S- A dollar bill is about 6 inches, folded in half about 3 inches..

T- My favorite tape measure is the free one I got from the health fair

Step 2: Dog Self- Sufficiency Level- or Point That He Starts Barking for Help

Place a treat under the furniture, allowing the dog to eat. Keep moving the treat deeper under the furniture , until your dog can no longer get the treat.  Subtract this distance from your length and width measurements 

Step 3: PVC Frame

Use ½ PVC pipe and 8 side outlet elbow connectors to build a frame to the required size, it will be a rectangular prism

N- Pre-cut PVC can be purchased at home Depot, if necessary go slightly                        smaller than your measurements, you may have to join smaller pieces with a coupling connector to create a longer frame

S- Cut the PVC with a small hack saw from the dollar store

T- PVC cutters are not just for plumbers

Step 4: Toy Blocking Material

Cover the sides of the frame with fabric or wood.  If your sofa is against the wall, you may only have to cover three sides

N- apply sticky back Velcro to frame, stretch and secure  fabric. ( An old shirt cut into strips counts as fabric)

S- Have wood cut at Home Depot, drill holes and secure with zip-ties

T- Use table saw to cut wood, drill holes secure with zip- ties

Step 5: Finish and Install

Finish as desired. Place the Happy dog- toy eating sofa tamer under the furniture 

Tip- if you have tile floors, put the Happy dog- toy eating sofa tamer on non slip shelf liner

N- It’s done, no one will see it under the sofa

S-The wood could be covered with fabric or not

T- Paint the wood, add a fun design so when you are doing yoga you see a pop of color or maybe even a miniature universe  under your sofa that brightens your mood, just as much as your happy puppy!

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    27 days ago

    A delightful project! Give your pup a kiss for me.


    4 weeks ago

    Ha, I love this! I keep a yardstick next to the couch at all times to help my dogs fish out tennis balls and bones, but it would be nice to build some bumpers :D


    Reply 27 days ago

    Thanks! I got tired of my yoga practice constantly being interrupted which inspired me to paint the scene on the toy blocker