Happy Hippie Face Paint

Introduction: Happy Hippie Face Paint

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2017 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, where during this social phenomenon, hippies nationwide gather to bring peace and love during the Vietnam War. One of the many ways to express that is with face paint. In the meantime, channel your inner hippie with this simple hippie face paint inspired by Josje Wolters from her 2008 book Just For Fun Faces.

Step 1: Start Off

I started off by blending yellow and orange around the forehead and sides of the face.

Step 2: Add Hot Pink

Next, I finished off the blended look by add hot pink to the sides of the cheeks.

Step 3: Add Blue Eyelids

Then, I went into my blue and make curved shapes over the eyelids.

Step 4: Add Purple Swirls

To add features, I first outlined the blue eyelids with a bright purple, as well as outlined the bottom eyelids, and added swirls to the face.

Step 5: Add Flowers

Now, for the flowers, I used white and a mix of pastels on a few areas. You can experiment with the size and look of the flowers (big / small / petals / starbursts). They are your flowers, so you do the best that you can to make them suitable to your ability. I also used white to add highlights to my swirls, and to add dots by the corners of my eyes, and wherever it needs a little bit of detailing.

Step 6: Add Color to Lips

Finally, I added color to my lips using Maybelline Color Sensational in Fifth Avenue Fuchsia.

Step 7: Flower Power

Now, it's time to let that freak flag fly and be a true free spirit with this psychedelic hippie face paint!

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