Happy Holidays!

Introduction: Happy Holidays!

I created this "Happy Holidays" Ornament for the 3D Ornament Challenge. I hope you enjoy!!

Step 1: Using Solidworks!

When you first open Solidworks, you will see a page like this! At the top of the page, click the small white piece of paper to begin a now project!

Step 2: Making a New Object!

Click on "part" option!

Step 3: Choose Your Units!

For this project, I am working in inches!

Step 4: Selecting a Plane!

Choose the Front Plane option on the left hand side of the screen!

Step 5: Draw a Circle!

I chose to draw a circle with a diameter of 3 inches!

Step 6: Cut It in Half!

Now draw a line through the center of the circle! You can now choose the "Trim" option at the top of the page and cut away half of the circle!

Step 7: Time to Revolve!

Exit the sketch, choose your sketch and click on revolve! You want to make sure you revolve it 180 degrees!

Step 8: Draw Another Circle!

Now you can draw the inner circle and cut it out! You can choose whatever depth you would like!

Step 9: Draw a Fire Place!

First, I drew the mantle piece and then the rest of the fireplace! The dimensions that I used are shown!

Step 10: Start Drawing!

Now it is time to start drawing bricks. Draw lots and lots of rectangles! I drew mine one by one and cut each one to a different depth to give it some dimensions. That's all up to you!

Step 11: Draw a Fire!

Draw, cut, and extrude a fire in the fireplace!

Step 12: Add a Wreath and Maybe a Message!

I decided to add a simple wreath above the fire place! I also added some text to the mantle piece!

Step 13: Time for Color!

Choose the edit appearance option at the top of the page. You want to then make sure that you choose face, instead of part (on the left hand side of the page)!

Step 14: The Finished Project!

I also went back and added a small hole above the wreath so that ribbon can be strung through it.

I hope you have enjoyed this project and have had a lot of fun making it! I sure did!


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    Thanks so much!!