Introduction: Happy Painted Kids Canvas Shoes, Sunny Rainbow Design

Gather your old or new canvas shoes, acrylic paints, textile medium and paint brushes.


Canvas shoes
Craft acrylic paint
Textile medium
Small amount of water

Step 1: Remove Laces and Mix Paints

1. Remove laces and set aside
2. Put a small squirt of acrylic paint into a container
3. Add a few drops of textile medium and a few drops of water
Tip: use finger tips to dip in water and add drops to paint mixture
4. Mix paint, textile medium and drops of water

Step 2: Plan Your Design and Paint

1. Plan your design and use a pencil to lightly draw on shoes.
2. Dip paintbrush into paint mixture and paint your shoes
Tip: Move slowly so colors don’t bleed into other colors
3. Continue painting until you have covered the shoe in your design.
4. Let paint dry on shoes.
5. Clean your paintbrushes thoroughly and set on paper towel to dry.

Step 3: Let Shoes Dry Completely and Add Laces

Wait until your shoes are completely dry and add your shoe laces back in.

Now you’re ready to show your personal style in your painted Sunny Rainbow shoes.

FYI: the paint medium keeps the paint from coming off if you run in water.

Step 4:

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