Introduction: Hard-Drive Sleeve DIY

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Also have an external hard-drive that might like a warm coat?:)
Try this easy DIY to create your own hard drive sleeve!
It's really simple, and you can of course use this method for anything that might need a sleeve! :)

Step 1:

Materials needed: 4 pieces of felt in two different colors | Needle and thread | scissors

1. Cut four pieces of felt in the size of your harrdrive + 2cm.
2. Use pins to attach the four layers on one side and at the bottom.
3. Stitch the pinned sides. Place your harrd-drive in the unfinished sleeve and pin the other side. Remove your hard-drive and stitch the pinned side.
4. Cut away all the excess fabric.
5. Use a blanket stitch on the outside of the sleeve.

Step 2:

All done!

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