Introduction: Hard-boiled Cottontails

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Here's a fun way to display your boiled eggs for Easter!

You need:
Eggs (either already boiled, or needing to be)
Shredded lettuce to create a "bed" for the eggs
Cauliflower (just a few florets)
One radish
Some peppercorns or other spice to resemble eyes

`First you will need to hard-boil your eggs if you haven't done so yet.
`Then remove the shells. 
`Lay out a "bed" of lettuce to rest them on. This prevents them from rolling around on the plate. 
`Prepare your facial features:
                 EYES= Any kind of peppercorn or spice ,that is seed shaped, that you would like.
                 EARS= To make the ears cut the florets off close to the stem. Then slice the stem thinly lengthwise. Shape the slices into a                             
                                tear drop shape. Then cut the tear drop in half. Now you have 2 ears.
                 TAIL= The cotton tails are made from the florets that were remove for making the ears.
                 NOSE= Slice a piece off of your radish that is about 1/8 inch thick. Then divide the slice into about 1/8 inch wedges (like a       
                                a pie) You'll want one wedge per bunny. 
Once you have all the features prepared, you can begin to assemble them.
`First push a small floret into the "flat end" of the egg to act as the tail.
`Then push the narrow tips of the ears into the egg nearer the "front" of the egg.
`Push the peppercorns in for eyes & a wedge of the radish for his nose.
`Repeat this with all your eggs & place them on your bed of lettuce. 


NOTE: These also make great Killer Rabbits of Caerbannog for any of you Monty Python Fans out there!