Harry Potter Themed, Modular Scarf Rack



Introduction: Harry Potter Themed, Modular Scarf Rack

This was a Christmas gift I made for a friend who knits lots of scarves, and is also, a Harry Potter fan.  

Step 1:

Tools I used:

Partworks 3.5 CAD/CAM software*
Shopbot 3 axis CNC router*
Drill Press*
Corded Drill
Disc and Belt Sander*
Dremel tool
Sandpaper ( 80,120,320, and 600 grit)
Paintbrushes ( various sizes)

*these tools used at Fab Lab Tulsa : )

Materials I used.

2' by 4' Oak veneered plywood
1//4 inch wooden dowels
Acrylic liquid paint (gold, black, red, blue, and green)
wood and metal clothes hanger
Red Oak Wood Finish
Polycrylic spray sealer

Step 2:

The first thing was sketch out several ideas of how I thought the scarf rack might look.  I liked the idea of using rings, where there was a large opening in the middle where the scarf would fit through and hang down.  Also, since I was going to make something custom, I didn't want to simply just do rings, but rather something unique and thematic.  After searching images from popular movies and video games that I knew my friend liked, I came across the Hogwarts crest, and knew that was what I was going to use-it was a shape that could be hollowed out in the middle to function like a ring, but would still be recognizable as a crest.  : )

The next thing I did, once I decided on an image to use, was to import the image into Partworks 3.5, take an outline of the image, and then an interior offset to create a "ring" shape for the scarves to fit on/through.  Then I copied that image in an array to make 5 rows and 3 columns.  Next I drew lines between the "rings" to connect them.  I decided that the main crest image, plus 5 permanent rows of crest "rings" might be too much height to fit in a closet or up on a wall.  So I decided to make the 4th and 5th rows removable.  I did this by drilling holes in the pieces that connect those rows to the rows above them, and making the connection with wooden dowels.

If you would like the partworks file for this project, send me a message, as I am currently unable to load the file here on instructables.

Step 3:

Once I had my design all worked out, it was time to cut the scarf rack out.  Once the piece of wood was secured, it took the Shopbot about 90 minutes to cut it out.  

Step 4:

After the scarf rack was cut out, it was time for lots of sanding and smoothing, followed by painting and staining, then spraying the sealer on, with very fine sanding in between coats. 

Step 5:

In addition to the removable 4th and 5th rows of racks, one functional aspect of this project that I'm most proud of is the fact that this piece can be hung up in a closet, OR mounted up on a wall.  The first image shows the back of the upper part of the rack, showing 2 thin vertical spacers, with holes drilled in them.  This allows the piece to be mounted on a wall, sitting on exposed screws, while not flush against the wall so that the scarves can go through the rings and hang down the back side. 

The second image shows the removable hanger.  It has 3 wooden dowels that fit through corresponding holes in the scarf rack top.  That, along with a singe piece of velcro allows the hanger to support the weight of the entire rack if on a closet hanger. 

The third image shows how the removable hanger fits between the vertical spacers. 

Step 6:

Once finished, I gave it to my friend on Christmas Eve.  She loved it, and has mounted it up on a wall in her house.  : )

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