Introduction: Hat Lamp (Chindogu)

About: I'm a student in high school, and I love to create things when I can gather the money and attention. xD

How many of you have been working in your workshop, when you need a bit of extra spotlighting? But, all you have is your cheap clip-on desk lamp, and your favorite hat. Here's the solution: The Hat Lamp!

All you need is a hat of your choice, and a lamp that clips onto a desk.
Simply take the lamp, and clip it to the bill of your hat.
Then, plug the lamp into an outlet, and turn it on.
Voila! You now have a fashionable head lamp.

Possible Problems
1) The "leash" it creates, due to the need to be plugged in.
2) Injuries caused by the lamp slipping off
3) Injuries caused by the obstruction of vision due to the weight of the lamp
4) Ridicule due to looking dumb
5) Slight possibility of electrical shock if wiring becomes exposed

{Please do not actually use this! It's a chindogu, and is not really supposed to be used. You WILL be seriously hurt if you use this. }