Have You Tried Turning It Off and on Again?

Introduction: Have You Tried Turning It Off and on Again?

This is a project that I made a few years ago. Now it 's time to publish it.
Have fun.

Step 1: Things You Need

Basically it is an preprogrammed ATMEL ATMega with an ethernet interface. Where you connect via tcp socket and send control commands to set IO ports.
This board is developed in Germany. So unfortunately the support and community is in german.

For those who want to dig in:
Here you can buy it

Here are some documentation links

Remote Controlled Switch Socket
Common remote controlled switch which you can by everywhere.

Step 2: Connect the AVR-NET-IO to the Remote Control

Step 3: Install the Baby in Your Network

Step 4: Try It! [not Yet]

The plan is to stream a live video and make it possible to control my lamp from all over the world.

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