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Introduction: Hay Bale Man / Snowman

This year there was very little snow in my area, and I really wanted to have a snowman in the yard. I came up with the idea to replace snow balls with hay bales.

The end result was great, so I'll show you how I did it.


  • 3 white hay bales
  • 7 used grinder discs(2 bigger and 5 smaller)
  • old blanket
  • cardboard
  • coffee box
  • black bucket
  • tire
  • rakes or poles
  • a few nails

Step 1: Bale Picking and Stacking

We choose preferably white, nice three bales and set them. The best setting is shown in the picture

Step 2: Placing a Blanket Under the Last Bale

Under the last bale we put a folded blanket that will be a scarf of our snowman

Step 3: Lips Creation

We cut out large-sized lips from black cardboard, you can also use gray cardboard and then paint it.

Step 4: Making a Hat

Our snowman's hat will be a wheel placed on a bucket, just like in the picture.

We put this on the head of a snowman.

Due to the weight of the wheel, such a cap should not fall even during strong winds.

Step 5: Decorating the Head

We decorate the head using: coffee boxes as a nose, larger disks as eyes and previously prepared lips.

Step 6: Decorating the Rest

We put snowman buttons below the blanket, we use smaller disks.

Now all we have to do is give our snowman his hands (rakes or poles).

Step 7: Your All Done :)

Now we have our snowman ready and we don't even have to worry about it melting

I hope you try and enjoy this project!

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    1 year ago

    Nicely done - that thing is massive!