Introduction: Headbands and Scarves With One Stitch

Keep warm this winter with a cozy scarf and cute headband!

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

1 skein of thick yarn

knitting needles (I used a size 10)


Step 2: Casting On

Casting on is difficult to explain, so here is a video that shows how to cast on. This is a great tutorial for beginners.

Video is by: pvonsparty

Basically, she wraps the yarn around her finger twice. After this, she slides the loops onto the knitting needle. By repeating this process, she casts on successfully.

Tip: Make sure the beginning stitches are not too tight, or it will be hard to knit the first rows.

Step 3: Basic Stitch

To start your scarf or headband, take the needle in your dominant hand and the needle with the cast on in the other. Slide the needle with no cast behind the first stitch on the other needle. Take the string (not the tail) and wrap it around the needle counterclockwise. Then, take the needle out of the cast on loop (make sure the string you wound around the needle doesn't slip off) and pull the stitch off that needle and onto the other. Repeat this until you have all of the loops on the other needle. Then, turn the needle around and repeat steps. Continue until the scarf is at the length you want, or until the headband fits snugly (but not too tight) around your head.

Step 4: Finishing

To finish the scarf, knit two as usual. After this, bring the bottom stitch (the one I'm pointing to in the picture) over the top stitch and the needle. Make sure the second stitch stays on the needle. Stitch one more and bring the bottom stitch over the top one. Continue until there is one loop remaining. Carefully take it off the needle. Then, cut the thread at 3-7 inches and tie a knot including the loop.

Now, if you are making a scarf, weave the extra yarn into the knit. For this, you can use a crochet hook, or you can just use your hands.

If you are making a headband, fold the knit in half. Weave the ends into the opposite side.

Step 5: Embellishing

In a different headband, I used two pom poms as ears.

Here's how to make one:

Cut one 7 inch piece of yarn. Hold out three fingers and drape it in between.

Now, take the yarn and wrap it around your fingers at least 50 times (more wraps=thicker pom pom).

Cut the yarn.

Tie the 7-inch piece of thread around the wrap.

Remove the bundle from your fingers.

Cut the center of the two teardrop shapes created by the string.

Optional: Trim (but leave the 7-inch piece of thread)

To secure the pom pom to your scarf or headband, take the two longest pieces of string and thread one through the knit. Thread the other piece about an inch away. Tie the pieces of string together. Trim. Since the knot is on the underside of the headband, it will not show.

Step 6: Conclusion

And you're done! Go rock your handmade creation!!

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