Headlight Mount for Mountain Bike

Introduction: Headlight Mount for Mountain Bike

In the last years, I changed bikes several times, from single speed bike to race bike, passing from touring bikes, mountain bikes, and so on.

I was searching for a perfect all-round bike which could make the bike-work commuting trip, easy, fast, reliable and could allow me to use it also for outdoor tours into the woods.

The best choice fell on a Mountain Bike with all the gadgets mounted for commuting safely in the traffic.

And this means mudguards, a kickstand, a rack, and most importantly, a head- and rear light.

For the lights, I didn't want to use the battery-operated ones and running the risk to ride my bike in the dark when Winter comes and batteries are drained out.. but I wanted to have some lights powered by a dynamo hub.

So I mounted a different set of wheels and I bought a good, powerful set of lights.

The problem was to find a place, possibly in a centered position, to mount the headlight on.

I found that the ideal position would have been just above the fork and not at the handlebar.

Step 1: The Idea and the Model

The model made in Autodesk Inventor Professional

Step 2: Print It Out!

Once the model was ready in Inventor, I exported as .stl file and imported into the slicer.

Setting some additional settings in the slicer and after few attempts, and a couple of prototypes, I managed to print all the pieces

Step 3: Final Result!

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