Health Potion Pendant Out of an Old Sand Fuse




Introduction: Health Potion Pendant Out of an Old Sand Fuse

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Hello there everyone!!

(This is my first instructable so if you notice anything bad or have some tips - you know, all that stuff, please contact me or write in the comments!)

So, as the title says, today I will show you how I made a Health Potion Pendant out of an Old Sand Fuse. I made a mana potion for my friend (a smaller one, will upload photos when possible) and decided to make a health potion for myself. She's a cleric and I am an assassin/warrior - you should understand everything now... xD.

Allright, off we go ---->>>

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools needed :

Pliers :

1. Needle - Nose
2. Round - Nose
3. Basic

A knife of some sort


An old sand fuse (you can use any fuse you want, as long as it is possible to make something out of it) :
size used (x,y) - 75 mm (~2.95 inch), 25 mm (~1 inch)

A chain:
Length used - 700 mm (~27.5 inch)

A wine cork (depends on the neck of the fuse)

Some strong wire/Paper Clip

Random stuff to hang on the chain(personal preference)

Step 2: Preparing the Fuse

I had this fuse already cleaned out when I thought I could make an instructable.

I removed the cap using pliers and removed quartz sand (this fuse was really old, like 1989) and removed copper that was inside used as wire to let the electricity flow. After that, I washed it and dried it out.

Step 3: Making the Cap Out of a Wine Cork

After getting the job done with the fuse, I made a cap out of a wine cork. You will have to make it according to your fuse's neck size. Mine was around 15 mm (~0.6 inch) that goes into the neck and 25 mm (~1 inch) outside, height is 10 mm (~0.4 inch)

Step 4: Making the Ring

When the cap is done, make a ring with a tail (as I would call it) and puncture the cap in the middle. I used a little super glue so the ring would hold strongly inside the cap.

Step 5: Filling the Fuse and Attaching the Chain

When the ring is done, I took some biser beads (red for health xD) and filled it about 70% to the top and enclosed it with the cap. Then put the chain throught the ring and adjusted accordingly. After that, I attached the closure at the end of the chain.

PRO TIP: I added some hot glue to the side of the cap and quickly enclosed the fuse with it so it would not open and make a huge mess..

Step 6: The Random Stuff to the Chainz!!1

And so after the main process is done, I found some spikes in my jewellery parts box that I could possibly attach. I used 6 of them and spaced them accordingly.

Step 7: Done!

So after this all hard work, you're finally done! I will wear it with the denim jacket (ohh the studs.. :3 )

Let me know what you think of it!

Also, if any questions or ideas shall arise, please contact me or write in the comments below.

See you in the upcoming instructables!

P.S. Thanks a lot for Mrballeng for the lightbox idea -

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    well, thank you xD I just tought that it will be a lot easier to make it like this and it will hold better. so yeah ^-^