Introduction: COVID 19 Healthcare Workers Protection Glasses

Hello everybody! This is a call for help to anybody owning a 3D printer!

My wife and I are both doctors and both working in hospitals. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, everybody is short of protective equipment everywhere. That includes masks but also ocular protections which are important to avoid contamination.

Here is a simple construct of screen glasses.

It would be of tremendous help if people made a few and dropped them to their GP's or close by hospitals.

So if you are confined at home and do not know what to do, if you are tired of sewing masks, if your kids are really getting on your nerves or if you needed (yet another) excuse to buy a 3D printer (like we need one?!)… Here is one project that will really help us make a difference.

And if you help the healthcare, you are helping yourself ;-)


- a 3D printer


- plastic screen: the one that is used on book covers or anything alike, see below.


I did not invent the principle of those glasses, I merely reproduced something similar that already exists based on the size of my glasses.

Step 1: Print the STL File Called Screen Template

This template you only need once: it is designed to draw and cut out the screen.

The screen can be made of anything that is translucid foldable plastic sheet. Like the one used for book covers.

Like this:

Step 2: Draw and Cut the Screen

On one plastic sheet, hold the template and use a pen to draw the form.

(The inner line and the 4 round holes, the vertical parts are there to hold the template together).

You can make 3 screens per plastic sheet.

Step 3: Punch the Holes

Use a puncher to make the 4 holes. The support is designed to accommodate the diameter of a standard office hole punch.

Step 4: Support

Print the support.

Suggestion: PLA 20% infill. Colors appreciated ;-)

I can print two of them on the 20x20 Prusa MK3 printer

Then slide the support on the screen. This is done by folding slightly the screen on each corner.

Step 5: Bring Them / Send Them to the Nearest Hospital or Doctor in Need

Please note that it is easier to store them unmounted.

You can print a few supports and cut a lot of screens because we can clean and reuse the supports (which is more difficult with the screens).

Thank you very much and take care!!

Thomas Schubert

Step 6: Update on Mass Production :-)

An engineer contacted me to send files that allow to mass produce the supports by stacking them with spacers.

I have not tried it myself but it seems to be great.

Thanks Vincent R!!

Please find hereby different versions of the stl file: stacks of 5,10 and 20 supports.