Healthy Egged Bread

Introduction: Healthy Egged Bread

So many different types of bread some are even blue like the sky and even fluffy like clouds, but this dish is a simple breakfast dish to make for females 13 and above and even below nice way to hide those vegetables but you must be wondering why is this dish so great, this dish has an even distribution of wheat, vegetables, fruit and protein, based of information and research on the Canadian Food Guide this dish incorporates 25% of Fruits, 25% of Vegetables, 50% of Protein. This is a healthy, easy, straightforward recipe which will take 20 min to make and is an enjoyable dish. Hope you love it.

Step 1: Supplies and Ingredients













Two spoons

Cutting Board

Step 2: Cutting Vegetables

Start by cutting all of your vegetables into biteable sizes, cutting your vegetables like this will make sure that the egg and vegetable are well incorporated among each other

Step 3: Egg Mixture

Now add your eggs into a bowl and add your salt make sure you mix it up really well. You don't want to have clumps of salt in your mixture. You can add other seasonings but for this recipe, I only added salt. Next, add your vegetables again mix all your vegetables and make sure to mix it all together

Step 4: Stove

Now switch on your stove and wait till your pan is hot so that the butter will melt quickly so that it will spread evenly and put your butter on the pan spread all over the pan and wait till the butter is like a golden brown color

Step 5: Cooking

Now spoon some of your egg mixtures on to the pan, wait 2 sec till the mixture starts to bubble, and place your bread on the egg, make sure not to wait too long or else the egg will cook and the bread won't stick on the side is tasted once pressed down for 5 second s lift up and add more of your egg mix and place your bread on top of the mixture, Finally place on a plate and serve

Step 6: Finish

Now your done serve with a side of pomegranate and you will have a wonderful healthy breakfast meal

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