Introduction: Heart Button

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Lesson Overview:

Now we're going to make a heart-shaped button!

Step 1: Heart Button

In order to make this button we are going to have to merge several shapes together. Also, by now you may have noticed that all of the buttons we have made so far have a giant flat side. The reason behind this is that it makes 3D printing them much easier if there is a flat side to lay on the bed.

Step 2:

This step will guide you through the creation of the body of the heart.


  1. Put two cylinders and a box on the workplane.
  2. Align one of the cylinders so that the diameter of it is on the edge of the box.
  3. On a neighboring side of the box repeat the process with the other cylinder. At this point your collection of shapes should look like a heart.
  4. Select both of the cylinders and the box and select the group option in the top right corner.
  5. Scale the height of the heart to 3mm.
  6. Continue to the next step.

  7. Stuck?


While having the cylinder selected, the black dots at the feet of the cylinder represent the center of that face. You can use these dots to accurately line up the cylinder with the box.

Step 3: We Got Your Back.

This step will show you how to create the back of our button; this is where the thread will go. In order to create the back you will need to be able to copy and paste, scale objects, group and adjust your shapes.


  1. Place a round roof on the workplane.
  2. Scale the footprint of the round roof piece to 8mm x 5mm.
  3. Scale the height of the round roof piece to 5mm
  4. Copy and paste the round roof piece.
  5. While having the new round roof selected press the 'Hole' option
  6. Adjust the footprint of the hole round roof to 5mm x 12mm
  7. Adjust the height of the hole round roof to 3mm
  8. Intersect the two round roof pieces as shown. If you are having trouble getting the piece to center you may need to change your snap grid to .25 in the bottom right corner.
  9. While having both round roof pieces selected press the 'Group' button in the top right hand corner.
  10. Continue to the next step.

Step 4: Broken Heart No More

In this step we will attach the back to the body of our heart to complete our button.


  1. Rotate the round roof piece 45 degrees as shown.
  2. Raise the round roof piece 3mm.
  3. Center the round roof piece on the heart body.
  4. Select everything on the workplane and press 'Group' in the top right corner.
  5. Continue to the next step.

Congratulations, you have completed this project!

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