Introduction: Heart Shaped Coin Purse

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This little heart shaped coin purse can hold so many more things than the spare change it will cost to make. Use it for ear buds, chap-stick, pacifiers, or any little thing needing quick access. 

Step 1: What You Will Need.

For this project you will need
fabric remnant 6" X 15" or a fat quarter
sewing machine
zipper 4" long (can be longer and cut off)
scrap of ribbon
Pattern Piece 

Step 2: Print and Cut Pattern

Step 3: Pin Pattern and Cut.

Once you have cut the pattern out, pin to fabric that is folded over. 
You will end up with 2 sides or the heart for the front and 1 whole heart for the back.

Step 4: Placing the Zipper

Take one half of heart and pin the zipper face down to the right side of the fabric.
Match the edge of the zipper with the edge of the piece.
Place the zipper top 1/4" lower than the edge of the fabric. Do not be concerned if your zipper runs longer then the heart. It will be trimmed later.

Step 5: Sew the Zipper

Using a zipper foot for the sewing machine sew a straight stitch close to the zipper. Be sure the zipper zips freely after sewing.
Make a second pass over the edge of the zipper, this time using a zigzag stitch along the edge to keep the fabric from fraying with use.

Step 6: Top Stitch Zipper

Fold the face of the fabric away from the zipper. pin flat and top stitch along the zipper. This keeps the fabric from catching as you zip and unzip.

Step 7: Repeat the Process for the Other Side of the Heart.

Pin the zipper to the opposite side of the heart and sew in place repeating the previous steps .

Step 8: Place the Ribbon Tabs

Open the zipper and zigzag across the top of the zipper to keep the 2 sides together as you work.
Pin a 2" section of ribbon folded on itself at both the bottom and top or the heart. Zigzag in place allow for 1/4 to 1/2 inch past the heart pattern. These will make it easier to open and give you something to attach a key ring to.

Step 9: Sew the Front to the Back of the Heart.

Open zipper Part way. Place right side of the front unit to the right side of the back heart shape. Pin in place then sew with a 1/4" seam allowance. (1/4 " from the edge) Start at the top of the zipper and sew all the way around. be aware of the metal on the zipper it can break the needle if you hit just the right spot. thats the time you want to slow down a bit sew carefully.

Step 10: Trim and Turn.

Trim back the zipper and ribbon to match the heart shape.
 Clip the curve so it will lay better when you turn it out. clip the zigzag holding the 2 sides of the top of the zipper together.
turn right side out.

Step 11: Press Ans Top Stitch.

Press the heart shape being careful to pull out the curve. you can carefully use a pin to work out any "flat" parts of the curve if you slide the pin in the seam less than a 1/4" and angle the pin to pull the seam to the outer most edge.  this trick takes a little practice. Work gently, it is possible to make a hole if you are not careful. 
Top stitch as close to the edge as you can comfortably hold an even seam allowance. I like 1/8" in.
Now you are done!

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