Introduction: Heart Fortune Cookie Jar

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Reasons why I love you jars are being loved by everyone these days, this instructable shows you how to make a reasons why I love you jar with a hearty twist.

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Let’s get started. What do we need?

Red craft paper
A jar
Glue, ruler and a pair of scissors
Organza material or net fabric
Red ribbon
Heart charm

Step 1: Heart Fortune Cookies:

Cut newspapers into 2” wide and 13” long stripes.

Fold a triangle in one corner of the paper stripe. Keep folding triangles till you reach the end. Glue the end, and you will end up having triangle. Using both your thumbs press inwards from the center of the long side of the triangle. And cut the edges to get a heart shape.

Step 2: Reasons Over Reasons:

When you cut the edges it creates a hole where you can insert the reason why you love him :D

Write the reasons on red craft paper or you could print it on to paper.

roll the reason halfway  and insert it into the hearts, in case the hole is not enough to enter the rolls, using the scissors make the hole bigger, enter the rolls in to hearts leaving a piece of paper out.

Step 3: Finishing:

Cut out a circle piece of organza fabric 1” larger than the jar opening. Burn the edges to avoid fraying.

Put the organza fabric over the jar opening and fasten with a piece of twine.

I made a small tag telling “50 reasons why I LOVE YOU” on the reverse “don’t think that is it, reasons why I love you are endless I LOVE YOU BABE”

I tied the tag along with a heart charm on to the twine.

To cover up the twine, I glued on a piece of red ribbon using hot glue.

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