Introduction: Heartbeat Game--Project

About: Electronics DIY Club in wuxi China.

Today is May 20th, as we all know. It's already become traditional Chinese Valentine's Day.(520 in Chinese means I love you).

Now, we're going to make an interactive device called heartbeat lab to test the couple's tacit understanding.

This is a test of the tacit understanding between couples device, couples to press both sides of the heart button, always hold, the light will start from their respective heart-shaped button to the middle of the heart position, until a whole light all lit, the whole process is 2 seconds;

Step 1: Installing Light Strips

According to the design drawing, please cut strip lights into a number of small segments , and then fixed to the back plate

After fixing, each segment will be welded together, during welding please pay attention to the direction of the light strip

Step 2: Writing Code

After the light strip is welded, we must first determine the number of lamp beads, If the quantity is deviated, the light strip will not show the desired effect.After the number of beads, start to write the code.

Step 3: Site Installation

Because the size of the device is too large, not convenient to transport, in the design of the time divided into three segments, transport to the site after the stitching.

After the welding, if there is no problem in the measurement, first carry out the power test to check whether there is any problem in the circuit.Start pasting the stickers after the test is correct.

The button can be installed after the sticker is put on

Power on test after all installation.

Step 4: