Introduction: Heated Grips Alternative Control Replacement - Switch and Relay

Never wire, your heated grips, straight to your battery!

Always wire into the main system or, as I have done in this video, wire in via a relay (30Amp)! This prevents you leaving the switch on, or someone else switching it on while your away - leaving you with a a very flat battery!! :O

You can see how to fit and wire the grips here:

Before connecting to the battery follow the following steps:

1 - pick a spot to wire in your relay (as in this video) and wire a positive feed to 85 and a negative feed to 86, simples!

2 - Run your power wires to the battery, making note of the positive wire, Do Not Connect!! Make sure the positive wire from the battery passes the relay!!

3 - Cut that "positive" wire at a convenient point close to the relay and crimp on some "Blue" spade connectors.

4 - Connect the feed from the battery to number "30" on the relay.

5 - Connect the rest of the wire, to the grips controller/switch, to "87" on the relay.

You can now connect to the battery!!

Enjoy your warm hands :)