Introduction: Helice: Spiral Organizer

Spiral organizer composed of the triangular based shelves that simultaneously open and close for convenient viewing and storage of items

Step 1: Step 1: Procure Materials

You will need:

1 Sheet 3mm Acrylic

1 30-cm steel tube with 12.7 mm diameter

1 Sheet of MDF

Tamiya Cement

Super glue

Needed for this project:


Step 2: Step 2: Lasercut This File for the Shelf

Lasercutting details:

1. Open the file in Adobe

2. Print

-select the Lasercutter as your printer

3. Lasercutting

-properly calibrate the z-axis of the laser cutter using the calibration tool

-duplicate the design twice in order to laser cut a total of three copies

-check the settings and change the cutting settings to something compatible for 3mm acrylic

-make sure pointer is on the right place in such a way that the whole print fits in one sheet

-print away

Step 3: Step 3: Assemble One Shelf

-Place the wider rectangular pieces and fit them on each side of the triangular base piece

-place the shorter and narrower piece on the short side of the triangular base piece

-reinforce with Tamiya cement

-superglue the additional hole piece 1.5 cm from the top part of the shelf walls (wider rectangular pieces)

-repeat for second shelf

-for the third shelf super glue the hole piece on the top most part of the shelf walls

Step 4: Step 4: Final Assembly

-lasercut an mdf base with dimensions 14cm by 8 cm with a 12.7mm diameter hole

-fit the tube on the hole of the base

-add the shelves in. start with the ones with the lower second hole piece. then for the top most shelf use the one with the hole piece on the top most part of the shelf

-make sure that one wall is inside the shelf below and one outside in order for the mechanism to work