Hexapod4 Spider Robot Instruction Manual




Introduction: Hexapod4 Spider Robot Instruction Manual

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ICStation Team introduce how to DIY the Hexapod4 Spider Robot.

To make this robot move, we just need the control software and the following components:
1.6 Legs 18 DOF Robot Black Spider Robot 18pcs SG90 Servo Motor

2.32 Channels Servo Motor Controller Robot Contorller Servo Driver

3.7.4V power supply

1.The controller 3509 can connect with 32 pcs servo motors, connect the pin "+" with the red wire of the servo motor, the pin "-" with the orange wire of the servo motor, connect the pin "S" with the yellow wire of the servo motor. 2.You can also other controller like Arduino, but we have not prepared the related material right now. And you can use the joystick when you use the controller 3509, but you need to order it yourselves. 3.You can control the robot via USB wire with the help of the controller 3509 and it's control software. But if you use other controller, you have to try another way to control the robot, we do not have related material for other controller riht now.

Step 1: Accessories Listing

Step 2: Accessories Introduction

1>.Accessories Introduction 1 (In kit)
Part 1: Host Body Bracket x1

Part 2: Arm 1_1 x6

Part 3: Arm 1_2 x6

Part 4: Arm 2 x6

Part 5: Leg x6

Part 6: M3*20 Screw x12

Part 7: M3 Nut x12

2>.Accessories Introduction 2 (Prepare by yourself, we will not send in kit)
Part 8: M1.5*11 Screw x24

Part 9:M1.5 Nut x24

3>.Accessories Introduction 3 (Prepare by yourself, we will not send in kit. Part 11~15 are Part 10’s accessories, they

are all in one kit. If you purchase Part 10, seller will send you Part 11~15)
Part 10: SG90 Servo motor x18

Part 11: “+” servo bracket (We will not use it in install)

Part 12: “-” servo bracket (We will not use it in install)

Part 13: servo bracket x18

Part 14:M2*7 Screw x18

Part 15:M2*5 screw x18

Step 3: Installation Step

Step 4: Dacing Spider Robot

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    What's the max current that it pulls? Can it work off 5 Volts?