Introduction: Hidden in Cardboard Under My Bed

Have you ever noticed the spider nest that lives under your bed? Or have you ever taken notice of what colour the bottom of your mattress is? Of cause you haven't, because, let’s be honest, unless you get down on your hands and knees, and stick your head awkwardly under your bed, you can't see what might be living under their, or what may be hidden their...

That is why under my bed is my favourite place to hind small items such as a USB containing SECREAT FILES, stolen earrings from my sister or the key to an mystery door.

Under every bed, which is lifted off the ground, there are multiple wooden planks which support the mattress on top of your bed. The wooden planks under my bed (while supporting my mattress) are the support of a small compartment that has the ability to be unseen while hiding different secret items. Due to the location and size of the compartment, it is unseen from all without knowledge of its existence.

Step 1: Construction of Compartment-Preparation

First of all I had to measure the item (in this case a USB) that I wished to hide in my hidden compartment. Since this compartment is being designed to be hidden (even though it can't be seen unless you are laying on the ground) I decided that I wanted the compartment to be as small as possible, therefore measuring the USB was very usefully as they would determine the approximant dimensions of my secret compartment. I then had to measure the distance between two of the wooden planks under my bed. This was to ensure that I would have enough room for the compartment.

USB Length: 5.5cm

USB Width: 2cm

Distance between Wooden Planks: 8cm

I then collected all of the materials I needed to construct my compartment.

  • Large piece of hard cardboard
  • Tap
  • Ruler
  • Item being hidden
  • Pen
  • Bed

Step 2: Designing and Construction of Compartment

On the large piece of cardboard I ruled the dimensions of my secret compartment. 2cm down, 7cm down, 2cm down, 30cm across. I then marked 15cm length ways (half way) and then on either side I mark 1cm (the width of the box). I then marked out 4 end flaps which would be used to hold the main part of the compartment together. I also ruled two dotted lines which would be areas where I would fold the cardboard. I then cut the whole net shape. I then folded the net and taped the sides to construct my compartment.

Step 3: How It Works

As seen in the picture below, there is an open rectangular prism that on either side has a long flat piece of cardboard. The open rectangular prism is the area where a Confidential USB, stolen jewellery or other small SECRET items can be hidden. The two side pieces of cardboard are what holds the whole compartment up under my bed. They slide between two of the wooden planks under my bed and the bottom of my mattress while the rectangular prism sits in the middle of the two. The compartment can be easily put into place and removed in a matter of seconds. The below video's show how to put my secret compartment into place and how to remove it, there is also a diagram explaining how my secret compartment stays in place.

Step 4: Conclusion

My secret, cardboard compartment is my favourite place to hide all sorts of small objects such as USB’s that contains my best school assignments, jewellery that I have bought for my Mum and sister to any other small object that I want to keep hidden from anyone and everyone. It is easy and cheap to make as well as being extremely successful in hiding all sorts of items. The compartments dimensions can be adjusted to different sizes to hide different items. For instance, be changing the width of the compartment from 2cm to 6cm will allow an iPod touch to be hidden and so on. Although, items of too great of size can’t be accommodated for as a compartment of too great of size will not fit between the wooden planks under most beds as well as become too visible unsuspecting people.

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