Introduction: Hidden Message Egg (wine Glass Magnifying Lens)

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For many years my family makes and displays Easter eggs. I try to do something different every year.

This year I wanted to combine a hidden message inside the egg; readable with an attached homemade glass magnifying lens.

I got the idea from micro-pictures put inside walking canes, rings, lockets which are only visible by either a Stanhope or Dagron lens.

I cut down a wine glass for the lens material and create a modified Plano-convex lens.

Step 1: Items Used

Items used

1. Egg – white chicken egg

2. Glue gun

3. .005 fine black marker

4. Wine glass

5. Bamboo sticks – for grinding the glass to make lens

6. Wet grinders or paper 100,220,400,600,1000,3000

7. Polishing compound – cerium powder mixed with water

8. Diamond cutting wheel

9. Large metal paperclip

10. Household scissors

11. 20 pound white paper

12. Tweezers – I used a plastic jaw for handling the lense and a small jaw for putting the message in the egg

13. Color markers – to decorate outside of egg

14. Egg holder - I used a large spring clamp

15. Safety gear

Always remember shop safety - wear your protective items

Step 2: Make the Magnifying Lens (This Lens Is Called Plano-convex)

I started by cutting a wine glass into little pieces ( I used a wet diamond saw).

I then mounted the broken glass onto pieces of bamboo (to work on the grinders)

Using wet grinders, I worked from 100, 220, 400, 600, 1000 to 3000 grit; to shape and polish the lens.

I used cerium polish to put on the final finish on the lens.

I created a lens with one of the surfaces flat, and the other curved out.

This (wine glass magnifying lens) lens is called plano-convex

Step 3: Prepare the Egg

Poking a big hole and a little hole in an egg.

It was blown in the little hole - blowing out the contents thru the big hole.

I let it dry for a few days.

Step 4: Write Message, Put Message in Egg and Mount Lens to Egg

Write the message

I used my .005 marking pen (the picture shows my writing on rice kit) and wrote my message on 20 pound white paper.

I then cut the message out using household scissors (around the message - about 1/2 inch in diameter).

Put message in egg

Using small tweezers I put the message inside the egg (using a slight roll of the paper and then through the big hole).

I bent out (straighten) a large paperclip to use as a push rod.

With the straight paper clip put through the little hole – I put pressure on the cut out message over the big hole.

Note: the message is to point towards the little hole.

Tricky part: holding the message with paper clip in one hand - I held it upright (with the big hole pointing down)

Using the glue gun, I applied hot glue over the hole - to hold the message in place.

Letting it cool for a minute or two before pulling out the paper clip.

Add lens to egg

Egg holder - I used a large spring clamp to cradle the egg; I position the egg for the little hole to face up.

Using the hot glue gun, I put small dots of glue around the little hole.

Using the plastic jaw tweezers - I then placed the lens (flat side against the egg over the little hole)

I was not quick enough for great adhesion, so I put four small dots of glue – on the edge of the lens to create a better bond of lens to the egg.

Step 5: Decorate the Egg

I used paint markers to put the decoration on.

All done.

I like how it came out.

It is not just a hidden message inside the egg, it is also a secret.

Step 6: Years Past Eggs

I wanted to share some of our decorated eggs from years past.

The first picture shows an easter egg tray painted by my mother.

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