Hidden Candle Compartment

Introduction: Hidden Candle Compartment

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This is cool way to make a hidden compartment depending on the size of the candle will determine how big your hiding place will be. I got my candle at good will for about a dollar. Theres a couple different ways to make this project. You can take a butter knife and cut out a plug from the bottom of the candle and use that to put in the bottom to keep stuff inside it. Also if you get two of the same candle can cut off the bottom of a second candle and cut a plug to fit your hole. They way i decide to to do it was cover the bottom with a sticker and use a candle holder to set it on. Depending on how deep you drill will let you still burn the candle.

i put stuff in these small jars

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


butter knife


drill bit

candle holder

place for wax scraps( make s a mess)

or keep and re use wax

Step 2: Making

Depending on which method you choose on doing will determine how to start. If your making a smaller hole you can take a butter knife and cut in at that candle at an angle if you do it right you can cut out a cap. You gotta connect completely under it to get a cap. Otherwise you can take your drill bit and cut in the center of candle making sure you have some candle base for the edge. Becareful so the candle doesn't crack. Drill slowly this does make a mess you can keeps what you cut out to melt to make a new candle. Make sure drill straight down. The depths is up to you. I don't plan on burring this candle so drilled deep as I thought I could without damaging the candle. Now fill your compartment and put in the wax cork or cover with the sticker that came on it and set on a candle holder.

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    7 years ago

    Dont burn The wrong candle.. :-)