Introduction: Hiw to Make a SUPER Kawaii Sulle

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Step 1: Head

the head can be difficult so make it easy: just draw spikes that go ariund in a circle. then add two horns on the head.

Step 2: Chub Chub

next draw a arm a few centimeters under his head. then draw some spikes that are connected to his arm to his feet

Step 3: Also Chub Chub

after that draw a cute little tail (with spikes) up to his head. then draw another arm. connect a circle to the arm you just drew.

Step 4: Circles

you need three circles (small) on both feet then a large circle under the three. also add two cicles in the circpe by the arm (one large, one smaller one in the other circle) see pic for better explation

Step 5: Face

next add a very bushy eyebrows and attached draw an eye with two circles in a circle once again pook at the pic for better exaple add nose and mouth with one tooth

Step 6: Sharpie

outline your masterpiece in black sharpie or marker. then add littoe circles such as in the picture. color in the pupils nose and mouth avoiding the tooth. color in the dolls eyes

Step 7: Horns and Colors

color horns in yellow
color body curxles in pic purple

Step 8: More Coloring

color the moster suelly blue except for the doll

Step 9: Doll and Label

color the mike doll green and label suelly however you want

Step 10: Thanks Bye!

I'm sooo sorry that I have not been uploading I have just been dealing with a ton of crap and...yeah sooo peace!