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I made this gift for a hockey fan. Took about 1 hour and a half to finish quick and easy. Lol but you do have to require a bit of talent. You will see when i get to it.

Step 1: Cutting the Candle

Get a cylinder candle about the same size as a hockey puck and remove the wick, mine slid right out Get the width of how thick u want your hockey puck to be mark it and cut it like i did in the picture. Mine got damaged so i had to do some extra steps.

Step 2: If Damaged

When i was cutting the top of my candle (the puck) some chipped off of the side so i figured a way to fix this issue.

I had some extra foam laying around. I traced the candles base onto the foam then cut it out with an exacto knife.

After that i glued the foam onto a wood board

Then i put two layers of suran wrap over top of
The foam and put the puck inside

Step 3: If Damaged Step 2

I had some shredds from cutting the candle in the first place. So i put the sredds in a pan and heated it up(you can melt the candle wax any way you want to this is just the way i did it). After melting the candle wax shreds i poored it onto the candle puck/mould i created and shoved it in the freazer.

Step 4: 15 Minutes Later

I took the puck out of the freazer. And trimed the edges to the way i wanted.

Step 5: The Candle Holder.

For the candle holder, i used the left over candle that i had used in the first pace and cut it out to what ever i wanted it to look like. I chose to cut it like this. The red marks are where i cut the top edges to form a square base

Step 6: Melt.

I actualy couldnt take a picture of the next part because i had to move quick and safe, just brcausr i didnt want to burn my self. But i melted some more candle and put the puck on the candle base i made and poored more wax on it to get it to stick together.

Step 7: Paint

This is the part u needed a little talent for.

Paint the puck black and the base to what ever color you wanted it to be, gold, silver what ever. I painted mine to look like a log, and i painted the top o the stand grey then added some silver nail polish.

I got a picture from google of there favourite team. And painted it onto the middle of the puck. Also i drilled a hole onto the top to insert the candle wick back in. After that there you go all done :)

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    7 years ago

    Unlike seamster, I think that everything is cool, except the logo. Who likes the red wings? :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hey, this looks pretty good.

    I especially like the logo. That looks like it would be difficult to paint! Nicely done!