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Introduction: Hof- the Tiny Knex Ball Machine

About: Hi I'm Leigo Andre. I changed my name because copyright precautions. I like building with Knex and that's what you will see on my channel. You'll also see some of my lame videos which are actually killer cool.…
Hello! Today I will show you how to create Hof- the tiny knex ball machine. Almost anyone can make it, that is why it is my first Instructable. It is battery-powered so you can take it anywhere- LOL. Here is a video:

Let;s begin!

Step 1: Step 1- Piece Gathering

Although small, this ball machine needs 152 peices:


Green: 4
White: 10
Blue: 32
Yellow: 15
Red: 3
Tan: 1


1-slot gray: 1
2-slot gray:6
2 slot orange: 8
3-slot red: 2
4-slot green: 4
4-slot purple: 12
5-slot yellow: 6
7-slot blue: 2
8 slot white: 5


Grey Spacers: 8
Blue Spacers: 8
Red gears: 4
Y-connectors: 4
Standard Chain links: 13
Tan connectors: 2
Red ball half: 1
Yellow ball half: 1
Motor: 1 New Kind (Preferably Green Speed)
End Connector: 1 

That's it.

Step 2: Step 2- Front Half

Just look at the pictures.

Step 3: Step 3- Ball Path

Just look at the pictures.

Step 4: Step 4- Motor Axle

Just look at the picture.

Step 5: Step 5- Top

Just look at the pictures

Step 6: Step 6- Stilts and Chain

Step 7: Step 7- the Ball

Just look at the pictures.

Step 8: You're Done!

Thank you for building this tiny ball machine.

I am having problems about posting Fort Klydian (my next ball machine) but i will solve it soon.

Til then, Farewell!

Lego Andrew

Step 9: BONUS! Hof Jr!

Want a Smaller one? Maybe with micro pieces?


Build Hof Jr. https://www.instructables.com/id/Hof-Jr-The-Tiniest-Knex-Ball-Machine/

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5 years ago

I've built this, but the only flip is that I replaced a few parts with the following;

- Red Gears to Blue Gears

- Chain Link (standard) to Micro sized links

- Micro parts for lifting balls.

The Knex Inventor
The Knex Inventor

5 years ago

Cute little ball machine! I don't see how it can get any smaller than this! :-)

Leigo Andre
Leigo Andre

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

lol i mke 6 foot ball machines that i dont record and it comes to this


9 years ago on Introduction

Cool mechanism design and a good Instructable. Well done!


9 years ago on Introduction

Finally one I have enough pieces to make!
Reminds me of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z86V_ICUCD4