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Introduction: Holiday Lantern Decorations

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This is a fun project, and the product is pretty! Please vote for it.

Step 1: Preparing, Cutting, and Drawing

See picture and boxes for materials.

Cut your black paper to the size you want, so that it will wrap into a cylinder.

Begin to draw a design, keeping in mind that you have to cut it all out.

Step 2: Cut, Cutting, and More Cutting

Carefully cut out the design with the knife or scissors, if you can use them.

Step 3: Tissue Paper

Flip it over and cover the back with tissue paper.

Step 4: Finishing

You can do one of two things.

You Can keep it like this and hang in the window,

Or you can more it a lantern by attaching the ends together, putting string at the top, and putting the candle in (with string and cardboard. Make a little cradle out of cardboard for the candle and string it to the top of the lantern)

Enjoy and Vote!!

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