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Introduction: Holiday Marker Suncatcher Clings

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The sight of sunlight streaming through stained glass, bringing colors to powerful light, is a wonderful thing......but it's a difficult craft, takes a long time to master, and it's expensive.

Couldn't there be an easier, low-cost way to do it?

Friend, you have come to the right Instructable!

You can make Suncatcher Clings with permanent markers and vinyl plastic sheeting! The same see-through stuff that people use to patch up a broken car window until it can be fixed is just the thing to create window accents and tree ornaments.


Clear Vinyl Plastic Sheeting - It comes on roll, 24-48 inches wide, in different weights. You want at least the 10-mil grade; 2 mil to 6 mil isn't much heavier than kitchen wrap.

Permanent Markers - Use black to outline, and colors for the picture and backgrounds. "Sharpie" Fine Points are probably the best, but dollar-store sets work pretty well: they get a bit blobby, but sometimes that looks good. In time, they will fade; after a year or two in the sun, there isn't much left to see. If you use them as ornaments, only for the holiday season, they should last much longer.

An Old Compact Disc - Use an old CD as the template for your designs and for cutting out the plastic. You can use other sizes (metal cans, paper plates), but 4 3/4 inches is a good diameter for these projects.

Paper - Create or copy your patterns on paper. I have included some sample patterns for you to print out and use.

Scissors - To cut out the circles.

Tape -To hold the plastic circle on the paper pattern.

Hole Punch (optional) - If you want to hang the suncatcher or use it as an ornament, a hole punch makes a nice, neat hole.

Pencil (optional) - If you want to draw your own design

Step 1: Circles of Influence

Place your CD or round object on the plastic, and trace around the edge with a black marker. Make a strong line.

Cut out the circle.

I have made faux stained glass as library craft projects, as gifts for family and friends, and just because I wanted to brighten up a bathroom window.

Step 2: The Design Phase

If you want to make your own design, instead of using one of mine or a picture from a magazine or coloring book, trace the CD or round object onto a sheet of paper (I usually put 2 or 3 circles on one sheet of paper). Sketch out your picture or design with a pencil, so you can change your mind.

Once you have decided on a final design, go over the lines with a black marker.

Step 3: Color Me Permanently

When you start coloring your design, DO NOT start by tracing the pattern lines with a black marker. Black is a stronger color for the permanent markers. if a colored marker contacts a black line, the black bleeds into the colored marker. if you draw the outlines first, then color, you will end up with a bunch of black markers! SO, it is best to start with the lightest colors, and work your way through to the darkest colors.

DO NOT forget to trace the outlines at the end of your coloring. The example shows what the design looks like without the black lines. It's OK, but the outlines make the picture more distinct.

Step 4: A Sticky Situation

Here are finished projects.

To use your suncatcher as a window cling, put some water on the smooth side of your circle (The colored side is slightly rougher.), and press it against the window or mirror. The water forms a thin layer to seal the plastic to the glass.

If you want it to be a hanging art piece, use a hole punch to make a hole at the top. Thread yarn or fishline through the hole, tie off the loop, and hang it in a window or on a tree.

Step 5: Patterns

Here are some Christmas templates for you to use.

Step 6: Other Holidays, Other Designs

I have also made Halloween clings.

Once you know how to do this, you'll see many ideas for designs. You may use pictures you have found, or you may come up with your own ideas for designs.

Happy crafting!

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