Introduction: Holiday Wall Art Made From Chair Rail

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I’m wall art obsessed these days, and I think the holidays are feeding my obsession for holiday wall art.

Ever since we designed for the 48-hour ‘Save My Bakery‘ show on Food Network, I’ve become a bit preoccupied with inspiration for inexpensive, high-impact wall art. When you have an extremely small budget and limited amount of time, like how we live everyday, it’s important to max-out what we’re making. And to be thoughtful in the work so that we’ll love it when it’s complete.

This is one of those special projects. Little pieces of scrap and cut-offs from projects have always held a special place in my heart. I get a little anxious when I see a trash can full of little bits and pieces, especially when my imagination takes hold and I see something amazing that we could create from the ‘trash.’ But I’m practicing the art of letting go, which is tough for a creative soul who likes to build and craft.

Step 1: And This Is How a Little Holiday Wall Art Project Came About.

Looking at the little cut-offs from a piece of Fypon molding, and how turning them created interesting patterns and shadow lines gave me this idea to glue lots of these little pieces in a pattern for our wall. But, of course, I am equally color obsessed, and I wanted to give a little pop of personality to the little pieces of molding. I chose a color palette that doesn’t exactly gracefully fade from one color to the next for my personal artistic reason. I like bold art.

Step 2: Make the Cuts

We cut more than 100 blocks from a chair rail.

Step 3: Spray Paint and Attach to the Wall

So after cutting many little blocks from a few pieces of trim, I spray painted the little pieces in colors, and glued them to a backer. I left a few of the pieces off the backer, so there would be a place to attach it to the wall. And I used glue dots to secure the pieces after we hung it. With the GlueDots, I can easily remove those little blocks if I ever want to change out the wall art under our mantel. It’s a distinct possibility, considering my current obsession with holiday wall art.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Hang on your wall and enjoy your whimsical wall art.