Introduction: Hollow Out the Lightbulb

A light bulb after being hollowed out can be used to decorate many things like Christmas tree, window, …

It is also used like a materials to make a flower vase, aquatic bottle …

Step 1: Tools

Utility knife or scissor

Screwdrivers (2 edge)

Nipper (needle nose pliers)

Nylon, gloves and protect glasses

Step 2: Process

Don’t touch crystal part of the bulb (because It can be broken and make you hurt)

You should just hold the metal one only.

Step 3: Remove the Bottom

Use knife to lightly press it out

Push the knife deeper and keep pressing

Use needle-nose pliers to confine the black part

Use small screwdriver carve through the hole and lightly break the black part

Use nipper to remove the crystal left

Step 4: Remove the Filament Part

Inside the bulb, there is inert gas – argon which was compressed. When you break the crystal part, it will strongly force the gas out.

So please becareful. I recommend taking something cover around the bulb, something like nylon and you should wear gloves and protect glass also

Press and break the crystal bar inside

Carve Screwdrivers (2 edge) until the filament part break and argon gas left all out

Stronger carve bulb’s cap

Use nipper to squeeze all the crystal left

Step 5: Clean

Use water to clean up the bulb

With opaque bulb, use hot salt and shake

Step 6:


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